Money Silence Costs You Business

To achieve financial success and effectively pass down wealth across generations, people need to talk openly and honestly about money. But are your clients actually having these conversations?

Consider the following:

  • 44% of Americans say the most difficult topic to discuss with loved ones is their personal financial situation and that they would rather discuss death, politics, or religion.
  • 50% of marriages end in divorce—with financial conflict a leading reason why.
  • 69% of parents would rather talk with their teens about sex than investing.
  • 85% of long-term care decisions are made during a medical crisis because financial conversations with aging parents were avoided.
  • 90% of families fail to transfer wealth over three generations primarily due to poor family communication and a lack financial literacy training for their heirs.

Money talk taboos like these hurt your clients, and they negatively impact your business. Now is your chance to shatter them.

Helping people engage in better financial conversations will help you retain existing clients and attract new ones. Yes, teaching clients how to engage in wealth conversations with their loved ones is a great business growth strategy.

Join the Breaking Money Silence® Revolution and discover how.

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KBK Wealth Connection

We are dedicated to teaching financial advisors, bankers, wealth managers, and investment firms how to effectively attract and retain more women and couple clients. Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, the founder of KBK Wealth Connection, has more than two decades of experience empowering women, working with couples and money, and educating professionals. Whether it’s a keynote presentation, financial advisor-training program, or consultation, you can be assured that our work is based on a solid understanding of financial psychology and gender research. At KBK Wealth Connection, we have a commitment to help you grow your business by making sure you are providing a high-quality client experience to all the women, couples, and families you serve.

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We were fortunate enough to have KBK speak at both our Multicultural and Women’s Leadership conferences in 2014/15. She spoke about working with families and couples passionately, and inspired our financial advisors to find ways to build deeper connections in their client relationships. We also have further worked with KBK on a curriculum to help our financial advisors continue to connect with the women’s market. She’s a great partner and resource!

Kara Underwood, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

During our sessions, she utilized her psychology skills by asking probing open ended questions and held me accountable for next steps. Kathleen provided me with concrete ideas I could implement between our calls that allowed me time to put concepts into action for our firm. With her direction, I was able to push through some internal hurdles while also reaching my goal of being published nationally in ThinkAdvisor, Women Rocking Wall Street with Sherri Fitts, and the National Financial Educators Council. These events would not have happened without Kathleen’s encouragement.

Kelly A. Shikany, CFP

Participants were very impressed with both your speaking presence and your wealth of knowledge in this area. They found your talk both useful and entertaining—a nice mix, I’d say!

Marlena L. Akhbari, Chair, Department of Finance and Financial Services, Raj Soin College of Business, Wright State University

The (KBK Wealth Connection Card) 'Deck' about…money can be a fun and memorable way to start a new client relationship. It separates me apart from the rest of the pack.

Ginny Poon, BMO Nesbitt Burns, Women’s Conference Attendee

Participants were very impressed with both your speaking presence and your wealth of knowledge in this area. They found your talk both useful and entertaining—a nice mix, I’d say!

Marlena L. Akhbari, Chair, Department of Finance and Financial Services, Raj Soin College of Business, Wright State University

I’ve been working with financial advisors for ten years, and Kathleen is by far the most talented person I’ve come across when it comes to helping advisors understand why their clients are acting as they are.

Kol Birke, Financial Behavior Specialist, Commonwealth Financial Network

Kathleen is a warm and witty coach, trainer, and speaker. Her professional experience in financial services coupled with her coaching skills positions her to be uniquely capable to assist women and men in understanding their relationship with money.

Paula Harris, Cofounder, WH Cornerstone Investments

Kathleen is wonderful at leading a group with humor, encouragement, fun, and useful activities, and a gentle push out of your comfort zone.

Leanna Hamill, Attorney-at-Law, Hamill Law Offices

Aside from being motivated and inspired by her talk, I was moved by Kathleen’s passion for and knowledge about this subject area. Kathleen does a fabulous job of helping business professionals realize their value and become comfortable with their money.

Lisa Peterson, CFP, Principal, Lantern Financial, LLC

Speaking of valuable experiences … I really thought you did an amazing job with the course. I loved the challenge you presented us in having to role-play in front of people. The assignments were extremely informative and fun! And, the lectures were great as well. You have a very relaxed, calming, yet confident way of presenting information that put us all at ease. I got to a point where I looked forward to the break from stress at work to just sit and listen and learn for a few hours on Monday. So, thanks!!

Jennifer Synder, Graduate Student, Bentley University

I just wanted to thank you for a great course, and one that opened my eyes to a different but very real aspect of providing financial planning services. I enjoyed the course, learned a lot, and I hope you continue teaching, because you’re good!!

Michael L. Nickerson, CPA, Principal, Nickerson Professional Association

Not only is Kathleen an engaging writer, she is also a dynamic speaker. After reading her first book, I invited her to deliver the closing presentation at the 2014 Educational Symposium for the Financial Planning Association of the National Capital Area (FPA NCA). The feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive. Kathleen can engage, entertain, and educate her audience and I highly recommend her for your event.

Marguerita M. Cheng, CFPR, Blue Ocean Global Wealth

Kathleen educated, entertained, and challenged the audience to think differently about their practices. Not only did she set the stage for an interactive group experience, but she left the group excited about how to carry her message going forward. Overall, Kathleen is an authentic, skilled, and engaging speaker who we would definitely work with again.

Sarah Allen and Denise Desautels, Co-Chairs of the Boston Estate Planning Women's Initiative Committee

Kathleen is an energetic and engaging presenter that consistently enhances her audiences’ ability to communicate with clients. The small differences between how men and women like to be communicated to can have huge implications in sales situations. The combination of Kathleen’s professional background and personal experience make her a must-see consultant for any financial advisor looking to strengthen their relationships with female clients and couples.

Chris Bilello, Director of Practice Management, Pioneer Investments

Kathleen’s presentation at the Fidelity women’s event was truly insightful and delivered with confidence and charisma. She connected with the audience through storytelling peppered with data and humor and brought the need for advisors to work more effectively with female clients to life. I would highly recommend Kathleen as a keynote presenter for your next conference.

Allison Taff, CWS®, Senior Vice President, Private Client Advisor, U.S. Trust,
Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Kathleen’s presentation, ‘The Psychology of Advising Couples: Balancing Her Needs with His,’ exceeded our expectations. Energetic, interactive, and full of actionable ideas, her presentation was perfectly tailored for the group: elite–level female financial advisors attending an annual Barron’s magazine conference. Strategic, but also granular, Kathleen’s session featured concrete, real-life examples and our attendees are still talking about it.

Jenna Sabia, Barron’s magazine

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation this afternoon on ‘Breaking Money Silence’! Being aware of our client’s mindsets and influencers around money is so important to the financial planning work we do. I look forward to learning more and following your work!

Mackenzie Arsenault, CFP®, Cornerstone Financial Planning, Participant in Breaking Money Silence Webinar

Breaking Money Silence

Help Clients Shatter Money Taboos and Talk More Openly About Finances

Wealth psychology expert Kathleen Burns Kingsbury dives into the taboo of money and taps into this neglected area of discourse from all perspectives—women, couples, parents, children, and wealth advisors—to offer a new vision for how we understand, communicate about, and plan for money. Empowering readers to defy the standard conventions around money, the book equips them with the practical tools to navigate difficult conversations, understand individual money mindsets, and plan for a more secure financial future. Kingsbury shows how, by doing so, marriages and families can remain intact, businesses can enable financial literacy and thrive, and women can inch closer to financial equity. Advisor Bonus: Each chapter ends with an advisor coaching activity so professionals can apply these concepts to working with clients and growing their businesses.

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How to Give Financial Advice to Women

Discover What Women Really  Want from Advisors

During the next several decades, women will inherit approximately $28.7 trillion in assets and will need good financial guidance to manage their increasing wealth. The problem is that two-thirds of women don’t trust financial advisors. Even if you are the best at what you do, a female client will pass you over if you can’t effectively communicate and establish a trusting relationship with her and her partner. To protect your book of business and be competitive in the 21st Century, you need to be female-friendly and How to Give Financial Advice to Women will show you how. It is your one-stop handbook for attracting and retaining affluent female investors.

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How to Give Financial Advice to Couples

Unlock the Secrets to Working with Couples

Women feel neglected and overlooked by the financial services industry as evidenced by 70% of them firing the couple’s advisor within one year of the death of their spouses. This places your business at risk during times of family transitions. It also represents an opportunity for you to retain and grow your business by being more couple-friendly. Don’t wait for her to walk out the door to your competition. Be proactive and learn how to balance both partners’ needs inside and outside the office. How to Give Financial Advise to Couples teaches you how.

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Creating Wealth from the Inside Out

Client Workbook

A step-by-step guide for changing how you think and feel about money. Using easy, practical tools and techniques, you’ll examine and change your money mindset to support a wealthier and richer life.

As with all personal growth, taking action is key to making change. This workbook and the exercises in each chapter will help you do just that–take action toward a healthier, more financially conscious you.

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