• Discover the Secret to Women and Wealth

    It is time to tap into the economic power of women and wealth and grow your business.

    * Women currently control $8 Trillion of assets and by 2020 it is expected to be $22 Trillion.

    * Women-owned businesses are growing at twice the rate of other businesses and employ 13 million people.

    * Almost 95% of women are financial decision makers for their family.

    The problem is these influential female clients are tired of the traditional transactional approach to selling financial services. Instead, they want advisors who truly understand their unique financial planning needs, know how to work with couples and money, and are willing to go beyond the numbers. Women simply want more.

    Is your advisory business up for the challenge?


Kathleen Burns Kingsbury inspires the audience at the 2014 Morgan Stanley Women’s Leadership Summit to start a “Couples Revolution”.


KBK Wealth Connection is dedicated to teaching your team how to effectively give financial advice to women and couples.  Our work is based on over two decades of experience empowering women and couples around money. Whether it’s a keynote presentation, financial advisor training program or consultation, you can be assured that our work is based on a solid understanding of financial psychology and gender research.  At KBK Wealth Connection, we have a commitment to help you grow your business by making sure you are providing a high quality client experience to all the women and couples you serve.

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