Book Review: The Keys to the Ladies’ Room by Adri Miller-Heckman

The Keys to the Ladies' RoomSince the book came out in 2012, I have been looking forward to reading Adri Miller-Heckman’s book, The Keys to the Ladies’ Room: A New Business Model for Financial Advisors. As a fellow advocate for female-friendly practices in the financial services industry, I was interested in finding out how her real life experience as an advisor would translate into practical tips and tools for advisors.  I am happy that the book did not disappoint.

This book is easy to read and a great guide for an advisor looking to fine-tune his or her marketing and outreach efforts. While it starts off addressing the needs in the field for advisors to be better equipped to counsel women, it ends up being a book about niche marketing and authenticity. Both are important lessons for any financial services professional to master.

Adri’s experience training and working in the financial field definitely shows through in her stories and recommendations for readers. While I would have liked more on how to specifically target women clients, I was pleased that so many pages were dedicated to reinforcing key marketing concepts such as defining your ideal client and creating a message that communicates your values and resonates with your prospect.

If you are interested in being more successful with female clients, I recommend you get a copy of The Keys to the Ladies’ Room.  You won’t be sorry you did.

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