Book Review: The Talk Between Adult Children and Their Parents

The Talk Between Adult Children and Their ParentsThis easy-to-read, brief book, The Talk Between Adult Children and Their Parents by Jack Tatar, is a great primer on how to talk with your parents about legacy, inheritance, and end of life wishes. The beauty of this book is its simplicity, with most of the chapters being excerpts from articles written by the author for Collecting this information and offering it in small, bite-size pieces helps overwhelmed adult children and parents discuss these important but often easily avoided conversations.

My favorite sections were titled “How to Have the Talk” and “What are the Six Vital Questions to Ask?” as both offered key points on effective communication and ways for the reader to put himself or herself into their parents shoes. Having gone through this personally on both sides of my family, these are key take-aways for those not familiar with the best ways to engage in money and wealth conversations with family members.

The only downside to the book, from my perspective, is it does not contain more resources for the reader to refer to and instead almost solely focuses on the author’s services. Despite this oversight, I would highly recommend this book as a gift for a client or someone you care about who is worried about an elderly parent.


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