Book Review: Winning in the Trust and Value Economy

Winning in the Trust and Value EconomyThis book is a must read for anyone serious about succeeding in the current economy. The author, Meridith Elliott Powell, offers insights into the psychology of today’s customer and how you need to be more client-centric than ever. Meridith not only intelligently makes an argument for a new approach in the “new normal” but offers readers specific tips and tools to make the necessary changes they need to succeed. If you want customers to rave about your company, then make the investment in this book today! Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

Here is what other professionals are saying about Winning in the Trust and Value Economy:

“Successful people do things others don’t. In an increasingly competitive and cautious world, this book will equip you with strategies to build trust, grow your value, and leverage the difference your difference makes.”Margie Warrell, Forbes Columnist, Master Coach and Best-selling Author of Stop Playing Safe

“A must read for anyone with the burning desire to win and succeed in this challenging new economy. Meridith Elliott Powell has written a truly innovative and powerful book that openly shares the secrets, the tips, and the strategies of exactly how to make this economy work for you.”Dean Lindsay, Author of The Progress Challenge and Cracking the Networking CODE

“Thought-leader Meridith Elliott Powell has struck gold with her newest book, Winning in the Trust and Value Economy. No matter what line of work you’re in, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the global economy has changed, and finally there’s now a roadmap to make the new economy work for you! Full of practical wisdom and strategic advice for business owners and professionals, this straight-talking, no-nonsense guide will have you laughing out loud at the fun and upbeat real-life stories of how to succeed.”Suzi Pomerantz, Master Executive Coach, CEO of Innovative Leadership International and best-selling author of Seal the Deal

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