Financial Services Professionals: Do You Want to Blog But Don’t Know How?

Financial BloggingIn her new book, Financial Blogging: How to Write Powerful Posts To Attract Clients, Susan B. Weiner, CFA, teaches financial services professionals how to craft a blog that is effective and makes you shine. Topics include how to brainstorm topics, writing for the reader, and writing compliance-friendly posts. As an experienced blogger, I discovered fresh techniques for generating ideas for blog posts from Susan’s book.

The strength of this book is it caters to all types of learners. Susan does not provide one technique, or a my-way-or-the-highway approach to blogging. Instead, she offers many techniques and ideas that speak to linear thinkers, visual learners, and those who want to think outside the box. This resource also includes a time line to keep you on track, which is incredibly helpful – for those new to blogging and for old timers like me.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of Financial Blogging today. It is a must-have resource for anyone in the financial services arena who wants to or already is marketing their services online.

Order your copy of Financial Blogging: How to Write Powerful Posts To Attract Clients today at

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  • Thank you for your lovely review, Kathleen! I’m so glad that a seasoned blogger like you found some new ideas.

    By the way, there’s a discount code that expires August 14, 2013, at midnight. Your readers can find the details–and the special links for ordering–on my website’s book page:

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