Money Mom: How Can I Stop Fighting With My Boyfriend About Our Bills?

couples and moneyCharlotte Cowles, Money Mom, responded to this question from a reader and asked for my advice in the process. You see, the reader is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend and due to an unexpected change in his career, the couple is not seeing eye-to-eye about how to split expenses. The reader currently makes more than her boyfriend and when they sit down to do bills together, they end up in an argument because of different money mindsets about what should be paid and when.

It was an honor to be asked for my take on this situation and for Money Mom to include my advice in her column. I recommended that the reader break money silence with her significant other and develop a flexible strategy for addressing these concerns based on changes in their life situation. It is good advice for us all to adhere to. By checking in with each other at various points, couples can talk about spending, saving, and be sensitive to different money mindsets and anxieties either might have towards money.

How do you handle spending, saving, and splitting expenses when either your or significant other makes considerably more than the other?

You can read the article here.

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