How many adults equate managing money with the words boring, dull, and dry? Too many! Learning about money and talking about it can be fun. So get creative and figure out entertaining activities to do with your children to teach them about financial literacy. Here are a few websites that will get your creative juices flowing.

  • Feed the Pig: Created and maintained by the American Institute of CPAs, this website encourages the user to put more money in their piggy banks. Sign up for savings reminders and use the resource material with your kids. It may just be worth a visit to the website to check out the Pig Mascot. If nothing else it will make your children laugh.
  • SALT Money:  Designed for college students ages eighteen to twenty-six years old, this website is funded by the American Student Assistance organization, a non-profit that helps young people with student debt. Using motions graphics and gamification, this website is both entertaining and informative. Visit with your kids. Sign up is required to access the full site.
  • Sammy the Rabbit: Aimed at children in first through third grade, this website is full of free resources. Founder Sam Renick is passionate about teaching kids how to be financially responsible and have fun in the process. Watch videos, listen to songs, or read stories together, all based on the idea that saving is a good habit.

What are some of the innovative ways or fun tools you have used to help your kids save money? (Click to Tweet)

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