Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kathleen is speaking at the Morgan Stanley Multicultural Leadership Summit. The topic of Kathleen’s presentation is How to Engage Diverse Clients in Meaningful Conversations to Protect and Grow Your Business.

As new regulations and technology continue to impact our industry, your competitive edge is your ability to connect to clients through conversations. In this interactive workshop, learn how to leverage a goals-based approach to structure dialogue and how being a coach increases client satisfaction and retention rates.

Attended and discover:

  • The value of engaging in goal discovery and planning conversations to grow your business in the increasingly competitive market place
  • How your financial planning mindset impacts your client engagements
  • The science behind a structured approach to talking about money
  • Strategies and tools for facilitating meaningful conversations

What’s in it for you? Head back to your desk with tactics for engaging diverse client populations including women, millennial clients, and couples.

This event is invitation only.

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