Cetera Wealth Management Webinar

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Kathleen is conducting a webinar sponsored by Protective Insurance for Cetera Wealth Management advisors. The topic of Kathleen’s presentation is Essential Skills for Advising Couples.

This keynote program provides an overview of couples’ dynamics commonly seen in the advising office, strategies for coaching couples on resolving and accepting differences, and tips and tools for engaging female clients in the planning and investing process.

 Participants take away:

  • The 5 top business reasons to be more couple-friendly
  • Common mistakes advisors make working with couples and how to avoid them
  • Why identifying an advisor’s Couples’ Mindset is an important key to success
  • Practical tactics for balancing both partners’ needs inside and outside the office
  • Creative strategies for engaging couples in wealth conversations and increasing their ability to talk about money matters as a family differences

This is event is INVITE only.

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