Thursday, August 24, 2017

Kathleen is speaking at the Raymond James conference. The topic of Kathleen’s presentation is The Financially Fit Couple: Engaging Both Partners to Ensure Greater Success.

Most advisors work with couples, but very few have training on how to effectively advise couples. Money conflict is difficult for couples and advisors, so often one partner will meet with the advisor to avoid conflict and make things more comfortable for everyone. But this can result in half of the couple – usually the woman – being dissatisfied and disengaged with the couple’s advisor. It’s in your best interest, and your clients’, to balance both partners’ needs in the advisory relationship, address conflicts and work toward solutions.

Attend and walk away with:

    • The Top 5 Business Reasons to Be More Couple-Friendly
    • Tips for Balancing Partners Needs Inside and Outside the Meeting
    • Creative techniques for helping couples talk about money and resolve financial differences

This event is by invitation only.

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