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Watch insightful and thought-provoking webinars designed specifically for financial service professionals. Whether KBK is the guest expert, or she is interviewing another thought-leader, these webinars offer an easy way to learn more about the women’s market.

The Secret To Successfully Advising Couples and Growing Your Business

Advising couples can be rewarding, yet challenging work. Common advisor’s dilemmas in include balancing both partners’ needs, mediating financial differences, and handling tricky ethical situations such as being asked to keep secrets. To help you navigate these client relationships, KBK Wealth Connection has a 3-part online training course available on demand so you can learn when you want to. Each of the 3 trainings is jam- packed with practical strategies for attracting, engaging and retaining your ideal couple client. For more detailed information and to register, click here.

Online Advising Couples Training

Previously Recorded Webinars:

The Female Advisor Famine

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury interviews Eleanor Blayney, Consumer Advocate for CFP Board, about the CFP report published in 2013 on the lack of women in the financial planning industry. Includes tips on how to attract and retain miore women advisors and how to raise awareness on college campuses about this profession being a viable options for young graduates.

How to Give Financial Advice to Same-Sex Couples

Advising couples is more art than science and counseling same-sex couples is a growing niche. In this webinar learn how to balance high-net-worth partners’ needs and how to effectively work with same-sex couples in the current, ever-changing legal and financial environment. Attend and learn the common myths about couples and money, how your couple’s mindset impacts the client-advisor relationship, and the do’s and don’ts of advising gay couples.

It Is Not Just a Woman’s Issue: Male Advisors Who Successfully Advise Women

During this lively webinar, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury interviews Kevin Ellman, CFP and George McCuen, CFP, two male advisors who successfully advise female clients.

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