According to a recent survey by the Family Wealth Advisory Council, female breadwinners rated the satisfaction of their financial advisor relationship at only a 5 on a 10-point scale. That startling statistic speaks to how this segment of women are woefully underserved by the financial services industry. Simply by tailoring their services to meet the needs of female breadwinners and their families, advisors can capitalize on this business growth opportunity.

Women represent 51% of the United States population, with 44% taking on the role of primary breadwinners in their families. Collectively, these women are highly educated and either share in or fully manage the financial decision-making in their households. Too often, however, advisors view women as secondary in the advisory relationship, simply because they are females. The result is that many women breadwinners don’t seek the counsel they deserve, or they stay with an advisor even when unsatisfied with the service provided.

Advisors who take a gender-intelligent and team-centric approach, who are willing to discuss the emotional side of money, and who demonstrate a keen understanding of the pressures faced by women breadwinners will be poised to capture their assets.

Participants take away:

  • An understanding of the societal, professional, and personal pressures faced by female breadwinners
  • The importance of identifying key differentiators when advising women and their partners
  • A list of discovery questions aimed at quickly fostering trust
  • Tools for facilitating meaningful conversations between partners
  • Tips for offering a team approach that meets the female client’s family and career goals


Live:         60-minute Keynote Presentation or 90-minute Concurrent Workshop
Virtual:    60-minute Webinar

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