Women and Wealth Consultation

Don’t let her walk out that door. The opportunity is great. The risks are high.

  • Women exercise decision-making power over $11 trillion in assets and this number will rise
  • Sixty-seven percent of women feel misunderstood by their financial advisors
  • Seventy-five percent of women under 40 don’t have a financial advisor, equating to $5 trillion of assets not being actively managed

Source: “Harnessing the Power of the Purse Study,” Center for Talent Innovation, 2014.

What is your firm doing about it?

The opportunity to grow your organization by better serving women clients and their families has never been greater. Now is the time to make (or strengthen) your commitment to these economically powerful clients by offering innovative training and resources for advisors and their clients.

When you work with KBK Wealth Connection, it’s easy to meet your commitment to women and wealth and stand out from the crowd. When you partner with us, you gain access to our proven consulting services customized specifically to meet your organization’s needs and objectives. Being gender savvy is no longer a choice in the industry; it’s just good business.

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Winner of 2016 IFCA’s Best in Show

The IFCA Annual Awards Competition showcase our industry’s best work and Best in Show is the highest award granted. KBK Wealth Connection partnered with Protective Life Insurance Company and won for its Financially Fit Couple Program.

Take a Look

The Couple-Friendly Advisor

Only 30% of advisors retain the female client from a couple at times of family transition, such as death or divorce

Many women in transition fire their advisors because he or she failed to invest time and energy into balancing both partners’ needs. The risk to an advisor’s book is great.

The Couple-Friendly Advisor consultation program teaches your team how to turn this risk into a big opportunity. If you want to attract and retain more women, increase their partners’ satisfaction levels, and gain access to their families, then it’s time to find out how KBK Wealth Connection can help.

Empowering your team to be couple-friendly advisors today is the best way to remain competitive tomorrow.

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Why KBK Wealth Connection?  

Just ask the banks, broker-dealers, fund companies, investment, and wealth management firms and RIAs who have increased their bottom line as a result of consulting with KBK Wealth Connection. Our satisfied clients include:

  • Bank of Montreal: Education and content development for advisors for their women and wealth initiative
  • Janus Capital: Developed award-winning training program on advising widows and divorcees
  • Protective Insurance:  Comprehensive advisor and consumer program, The Financially Fit Couple
  • Prudential Insurance:  Training for wholesalers on advising women in couples including review of all training materials
  • TD Ameritrade Institutional:  Developed advisor guide on advising couples
  • Pioneer Investments:  Development of value-add conference session on women and wealth and ongoing consultation
  • Morgan Stanley:  Ongoing consultation on Diversity and Inclusion Intiative including Gender Smarts Programming

Since 2008, financial services professionals around the world have sought out KBK Wealth Connection to help them harness the economic power of two fast-growing affluent groups: women and wealth, and couples and money.

Bringing Your Vision Into Reality

Show your women clients and their advisors they’re important by taking a comprehensive approach to better meeting their financial needs and those of their family members.

Contact us to learn more about how KBK Wealth Connection can help you.

Coaching and Consulting

Save time and money by hiring KBK Wealth Connection to coach your practice development manager, marketing team, and advisors. Learn best practices, what really works in the field, and how to avoid costly mistakes when rolling out a new program. Contact us now to schedule a 30-minute call to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

Content Development

Whether you need an expert article for a trade publication, handouts with practical tips and tools to incorporate into your existing training program or you want to start from scratch to strategically develop your women and wealth materials, KBK Wealth Connection can help.

Ready-to-Go Resources

Select from a host of articles on topics related to women and wealth and couples and money including:

  • Female-Friendly Assessment
  • Couple-Friendly Assessment
  • Identifying Your Ideal Female Client
  • 5 Tips for Delivering Bad News to Clients

Customized Resources

Work with KBK Wealth Connection to develop a strategic approach to capitalizing on the business opportunity around the increasing economic power of women and wealth in your organization. You receive:

  • A detailed analysis of your current women and wealth program, advisor and client trainings, and internal women initiatives
  • Collaboration on your marketing, training, and client outreach programs with a leading expert in the field

I first met Kathleen at a company function and her message about women and couples had an immediate impact. Since then, our team has worked with Kathleen in a number of capacities, from coaching to helping us “men” translate our value proposition into “women-speak”. Her guidance and enthusiasm has been tremendous.

Jeremy A. Berry, Tennant Financial

I’ve been working with financial advisors for ten years, and Kathleen is by far the most talented person I’ve come across when it comes to helping advisors understand why their clients are acting as they are.

Kol Birke / Financial Behavior Specialist, Commonwealth Financial Network

Kathleen is a warm and witty coach, trainer, and speaker. Her professional experience in financial services coupled with her coaching skills positions her to be uniquely capable to assist women and men understand their relationship with money.

Paula Harris / Co-founder, WH Cornerstone Investments

Kathleen is wonderful at leading a group with humor, encouragement, fun, and useful activities, and a gentle push out of your comfort zone.

Leanna Hamill / Attorney-at-Law, Hamill Law Offices

Speaking of valuable experiences…I really thought you did an amazing job with the course. I loved the challenge you presented us in having to role-play in front of people. The assignments were extremely informative and fun! And, the lectures were great as well. You have a very relaxed, calming, yet confident way of presenting information that put us all at ease. I got to a point where I looked forward to the break from stress at work to just sit and listen and learn for a few hours on Monday. So, thanks!!

Jennifer Synder / Graduate Student, Bentley University

I just wanted to thank you for a great course, and one that opened my eyes to a different but very real aspect of providing financial planning services. I enjoyed the course, learned a lot, and I hope you continue teaching, because you’re good!!

Michael L. Nickerson, CPA / Principal, Nickerson Professional Association

Kathleen educated, entertained and challenged the audience to think differently about their practices. Not only did she set the stage for an interactive group experience, but she left the group excited about how to carry her message going forward. Overall, Kathleen is an authentic, skilled and engaging speaker who we would definitely work with again.

Sarah Allen & Denise Desautels / Co-Chairs of the Boston Estate Planning Women's Initiative Committee