Myth: Women are Financially Dependent

In this brief video, I bust the myth that women are financially dependent. Part of my work with financial advisors is to dispel the notion that women are not interested in finance and defer to the men in their lives to make and manage the money. The truth is many women create their own wealth and are the primary decision-makers for many couples.

Women are an economically powerful and growing segment of the client population. Offering to help women engage in healthy financial conversations is a wonderful service that will attract and retain these affluent and powerful consumers. So let go of the idea they all women are financially dependent and start getting curious about the unique client sitting in front of you – regardless of his or her gender.

How do you engage female clients in financial conversations?

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury (KBK) is an expert in financial psychology who is passionate about training financial services professionals on how to effectively communicate with women, couples, and families. Drawing on over two decades of experience in psychology and finance, Kathleen’s keynotes and workshops will inspire, educate, and entertain your audience while offering practical tips and tools that work in the real world. Every talk is customized to meet your organization’s meeting goals and objectives and is highly interactive to keep your audience engaged in the learning process. If you want a fun, engaging and thought-provoking speaker for your event, KBK is the right one for you.

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