Dream, Girl: A Must See Movie for Advisors, Bankers, and Clients

Last Wednesday night I skipped my usual mountain bike ride and attended a screening of the award-winning film, “Dream, Girl.” This documentary focuses on the daily lives of five female entrepreneurs and shows how complicated, and wonderful being a women business owner can be.  Having been in business for myself for more than two decades, the messages in the film hit home and inspired me to share this film with you. Here are my top 3 favorite themes:

  • Women who have a passion for business can and should embrace the entrepreneur within.
  • Success doesn’t mean you don’t stumble and fall down. It means you stumble, fall down, then brush yourself off, learn something, and move on.
  • Women can and should support each other to reach their full potential because together we can change the world.

Intrigued? Then find a screening in your area by visiting www.dreamgirlfilm.com.

If you are a women entrepreneur what do you find challenging and rewarding about this career choice? If you advise female entrepreneurs or help fund startups, how can you use this documentary to learn more about your target market?

Together we can help all girls – big and small – think BIG.


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