Love It or Hate It, Technology is Here to Stay

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We are breaking money silence about finance and technology this month at KBK Wealth Connection. Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay. It saves you time and money, and allows you to share your message with a click of a button. Some advisors fear its impact on the industry; others use technology to soar to new heights.

This past month, I found myself deep in the “hate it” mindset. My iPhone had to be replaced. I spent hours with customer service setting up my new phone, and again a week later after finding out my new phone was corrupted. Productivity became a distant memory. I was grumpy and I longed for the days of fax machines and written memos. (Yes, I am an older Gen Xer!)

When my second new phone arrived, I realized that my technological mindset had to change. Instead of loathing Steve Jobs’ invention, I had to embrace it. Change is hard and technical problems are frustrating, but smartphones, apps, and social media platforms allow me to reach so many more people with my Breaking Money Silence® message.

If you struggle with a positive tech mindset, here are tricks that helped me shift my attitude:

  • Feel your feelings. Even the most tech-savvy people get frustrated when devices, apps, and computers stop working. Whatever you are feeling, let it out and find someone who can validate you. Ask any friend who has a phone or computer; trust me, they can identify and validate the joy and the sorrow that comes with the territory. Identifying and discussing feelings is great practice for the non-technical aspects of your work — because emotions are the human side of finance.
  • Find your funny bone. Humor mitigates stress. It creates intimacy and allows you to look at a situation from a new perspective. Once I acknowledged that my technological luck was actually funny, my tech mindset shifted. Instead of getting angry each time my phone didn’t work, I would tap into a childlike sense of wonder and levity. I would giggle and then wonder how to use this experience in my work and life. This didn’t fix the situation any sooner, but it made me a lot more pleasant to live with.
  • Look for the silver lining. Ironically, my team and I had decided a few months ago that the theme for August was Breaking Money Silence® and Technology. I have always been a tad tech-challenged, but this recent experience provided a rich backdrop to explore the pros and cons of technology in the field of advising. It allows all of us to reach a bigger market with fewer resources, but it distracts us for the human connection so vital to success. This dichotomy is what we will be exploring all month in our blog, on our YouTube Channel, and in our podcast.

What do you think? Does technology improve your business and your life? Share your stories with us, and together, let’s break money silence about technology.

Money Myth: You need to spend 7% of your gross income to grow your business. | Season 4 Episode 73

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Matt Halloran, CEO | Top Advisor Marketing

How much should you invest in marketing? Listen in as Kathleen interviews Matt Halloran, a marketing and podcasting guru, to find out the answer. Learn the difference between sales and marketing, the best digital platforms for diverse businesses, and why old-fashion, in person networking is still vital to any business owner’s success.


Matt has had a long standing love affair with radio. At the age of 13, he discovered his high school radio station, and quickly found a joy from sitting behind the mic that could not be replicated.

Following a brief stint in the U.S.A. Navy, he went straight back for his first love as the news director and host of multiple shows for his college radio station. Throughout his younger days he was constantly reminded that he would never make a good living being on the radio.

Now over 500 podcasts later, Matt is the CEO of the fastest growing podcasting company in financial services. Through the power of podcasting and LinkedIn, Matt and his business partner have unlocked a door that flooded them with new opportunities and an ability to gain trust and build relationships in an effective and powerful way.

When he is not interviewing amazing people, Matt loves to hike, build metal art, watch his kids swim, and play trivia and board games with his wife. You might even see him at a Comic-Con too!

Contact Matt at

How does your money mindset affect your career choices?

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Financial Independence month is wrapping up at KBK Wealth Connection. Financial independence affects many aspects of life including career choices. Here are three Breaking Money Silence® podcast episodes that tackle money myths related to different professions.

Listen to the Marketing Director of an iconic ski mountain discuss the value of skiing and his life long career in the industry, a local musician with a cult-like following talk about a career in the arts, and a legend in the craft beer industry who turned his passion into a very profitable business. You may have heard of him. His last name is Lawson!

Myth: Skiing is too expensive.
Myth Buster: Eric Friedman, Mad River Glen, Marketing Director

Skiing may seem far away, but the deals are offered all summer long and might be something to consider for next year’s family fun. Kathleen and Eric discuss the myth that skiing is too expensive and offer you tips for saving money when you do hit the slopes next season.

Myth: Musicians don’t make any money.
Myth Buster: Clint Bierman

As a fan of the Vermont-based band The Grift, I wanted to know what made the band so successful and how Clint, one of the front men of the band, seemed to bust through the money myth that musicians make no money. In this episode, we have a candid conversation about money, music, and his dedication to teaching the next generation of musicians the art of songwriting.

Myth: Pursuing your passion is not profitable.
Myth Buster: Sean Lawson, Owner – Lawson’s Finest Brewery

Sean’s journey to becoming a brewer began when he was introduced to the hobby of home brewing 29 years ago. Today, he owns a profitable business and recently opened a retail shop and brew house in Waitsfield, Vermont. If you have a passion project and are considering making it your full-time job, this podcast is for you. Just love craft beer? Trust me, you are going to want to hear the story of the award-winning Sip-of-Sunshine and what is in store for Lawson’s Finest Liquids going forward.

How did your money mindset affect your career choice? Does your passion make it harder or easier to achieve financial independence? Let me know in the comments below or tag me on Twitter (@kbkspeaks) or Instagram (@KathleenBurnsKinsbury) and use the hashtag #breakingmoneysilence.

Money Myth: Men manage the majority of the wealth in this country. | Season 4 Episode 72

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Jeffery Tobias Halter, President of YWomen

Do men really manage the majority of the wealth? What is the best way to empower women and couples to be more financially fit? Listen in as Kathleen interviews Jeffery on his advocacy work with corporate male leaders aimed at improving gender parity. Notice how these two experts have different philosophies but share a common goal – equality for all.

What do you think? Post your thoughts in the comment section below or e-mail me at Let’s keep the conversation going. 


Jeffery Tobias Halter is a gender strategist and the President of YWomen, a strategic consulting company focused on engaging men in women’s leadership advancement. A two-time TEDx speaker and the author of two books, WHY WOMEN, The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging Men and Selling to Men, Selling to Women, Jeffery is a passionate advocate for the development of women in leadership. He currently is on the Board of Directors for Miss America 2.0 and has previously held positions on National Advisory Boards for Women’s Food Service Forum, The Network of Executive Women and Simmons Business School’s Business Advisory Board. For more information about his work, visit 

Special Offer: The first five listeners of this episode who e-mail Kathleen ( will receive a copy of Selling to Men, Selling to Women.


What is your definition of financial independence?

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This month at KBK Wealth Connection we are talking about financial independence. Everyone has a different idea or definition of what financial independence looks like. For example, it might mean being debt free, having the luxury of travel, taking the day and skiing, being able to help family, or retiring early. We want to know what it looks like to you. Listen to this video and find out how and why we want to know your definition of financial independence.

Upload your video to Youtube and send a link to me at You can also tag me on Twitter (@kbkspeaks) or Instagram (@KathleenBurnsKingsbury).

I am looking forward to hearing your definition of financial independence!

Money Myth: It’s impossible to save money when you don’t make a lot. | Season 4 Episode 71

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Jim Parker, President, iDry and Cure Systems

Is it possible to save for the future and grow a business when your income is ‘too low’? Find out the answer when Kathleen interviews Jim Parker, entrepreneur and father of two, about how he has busted this money myth open in his personal and professional life. Listen and learn how Jim’s early family money messages impacted his savings behavior, how meeting a partner with a different money mindset influenced his financial habits, and how he went from inheriting a business that was losing money to being a profitable endeavor on the cutting edge of the cannabis and drying business.


Jim Parker is the father of two sweet boys, Skyler and Dawson, and the husband of Kristin, a beautiful and brilliant top-level consultant. He is the President of iDRY and Cure Systems, Vacutherm, Green Mountain Mechanical Design, Parker Aero Space and Granite Intersection. When not at work, he loves spending time with his family, flying airplanes, skiing, and sailing. For more information, visit

Financial Independence Starts with Financial Literacy

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financial independenceJuly is the month to celebrate independence and freedom, two values at the core of our culture. At KBK Wealth Connection, we empower women, couples, and families to achieve financial independence, and we love celebrating this part of our mission every July.

The first step toward financial independence is financial literacy. Knowledge is power. It allows women to ask for an equitable wage. It inspires parents to teach their children about money. It allows you and your clients to live your fullest lives and pursue your passions.

The problem is that money silence keeps many people from improving their financial knowledge. A recent study found that there was actually an 8% decrease in the average person’s financial literacy in the last decade. Yes, it looks like we may be headed backward!

There are innovative programs that are committed to arming teachers with the skills to break money silence in their classrooms and to empower the next generation to be more financially literate. In Vermont, there is Champlain College’s Summer Institute for Financial Literacy. This groundbreaking program is the brainchild of John Pelletier, the Director of the Center for Financial Literacy at the college.

This year, John added the psychology of money to the curriculum and gave me the opportunity to work toward increased financial literacy in the classroom firsthand. It was a blast, and the teachers from around New England were inspirational.

What can you do this July to increase your clients’ literacy and make sure that financial independence is achievable for all? Here are some suggestions.

  • Volunteer to teach finance. Now is the time to find a place to host a Breaking Money Silence® Workshop this fall. Your local middle or high school, a community group, or a business networking meeting makes a great venue. Need materials? Click here to find out how my firm can help you with interesting content, along with marketing and social media support.
  • Create a financial independence mural. Clear off a wall or put up a large easel in your waiting room. Write “Financial Independence is …” at the top, and encourage clients, staff, and anyone walking through the space to share their definition of monetary freedom on it. Use words, drawings, or pictures from a magazine to make this collage. At the end of the month, take a photo and share on social. Make sure you tag @KBKSpeaks and #breakingmoneysilence.
  • Talk to a young person about money. As an advisor, you are uniquely positioned to teach others about finance. Make a commitment this month to talk to your children, your clients’ children, or another young person in your life about money. By breaking money silence with the next generation, you are giving them permission to ask questions and learn more about finance.

Let me know in the comments below or tag me on Twitter (@KBKSpeaks) or Instagram (@KathleenBurnsKingsbury) what you will do to increase your client’s literacy.

Money Myth: Pursuing your passion is not profitable. | Season 4 Episode 70

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Sean Lawson, Owner – Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Sean’s journey to becoming a brewer began when he was introduced to the hobby of home brewing 29 years ago. Today, he owns a profitable business and recently opened a retail shop and brewhouse in Waitsfield, Vermont. If you have a passion project and are considering making it your full-time job, this podcast is for you. Just love craft beer? Trust me, you are going to want to hear the story of the award-winning Sip-of-Sunshine and what is in store for Lawson’s Finest Liquids going forward. 


Sean Lawson is the co-owner of Lawson’s Finest Liquids, a critically acclaimed craft brewery with an enthusiastic fan following. His specialty maple beers and IPA’s have garnered awards at the World Beer Cup, Great American Beer Festival, and at two National IPA championships. The company started as a 1bbl system in a small sugarhouse style shed next to their home and has grown to a 7bbl system. In 2018, Sean and his wife and co-owner, Karen, opened the Waitsfield brewery, taproom, and retail store.

For more information on Lawson’s Finest Liquids, check out their website.

The KBK Team Spends Quality Time with Their Furry Friends!

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This month, I am talking about breaking money silence about our furry friends. In conjunction with our theme, the KBK Team is spending quality time with their furry friends.

Avery Grace is the best office mate!

Mary, our Social Media Director, has a special place in her heart for rescuing dogs and the two on right are hers – Gilbert is in the middle and Juliet on the far right.

Danita is the Online Marketing Assistant and her cats, Reggie and Carson, keep her laughing while she’s working on campaigns.

Kyle, the Executive Assistant and much more, hikes with Chiana, her hiking buddy while Sasha couch surfs.

Bella keeps our Social Media team member, Janice, company.

Share a photo of your furry friend(s) with us and let us know any fun facts about them! Share with us on Twitter – @kbkspeaks or Instagram – @KathleenBurnsKingsbury. Be sure to check out my YouTube breaking money silence videos where we are talking about pets and the costs of owning one.

Estate Planning for your Pets is Financially Responsible

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During the month of June we are breaking money silence about animals and money. Estate planning is part of the equation so here is a blog post originally posted in October 2018 to spark this important conversation.

We all know estate planning is an important part of being financially responsible and leaving things in order for our family so they don’t have to worry about when we die. But, did you know that estate planning for our pets (or our furry kids) is equally important?

Did you know:

  • 68% of the households in the United States have at least one pet.
  • Less than 40% of dog and cat owners have named a pet caretaker upon their death.
  • Only 12% of dog and cat owners have made financial provisions for their pets in their will.
  • According to the legal world, pets are property, so they can’t inherit money, but you can assign a guardian and set aside funds to cover the cost of their care after your death.

In this Nothing Funny About Money segment, I talk about the importance of estate planning for our pets and offer some tips on how to break money silence and get the conversation started with friends and family about taking care of our furry kids.

Dare to break money silence by leaving your comments and questions in the comment box below.

Breaking Money Silence® Podcast is recorded at Sugarhouse Soundworks, LLC