Unlock the Key to Working with Couples

Seventy percent of women fire the couple’s advisor within one year of the death of their spouses. Why? Because advisors repeatedly fail to build a solid working relationship with both members of a couple.

How to Give Financial Advice to Couples: Essential Skills for Balancing High-Net-Worth Clients’ Needs teaches you the essential skills needed to foster trust with both partners and at the same time, how to better meet their individual and joint financial needs.

Read this book and discover how to:

  • Tap into your couples’ mindset and discover it’s impact on client attraction and retention rates
  • Learn strategies for mediating financial differences and helping couples talk openly about money
  • Avoid common psychological traps when advising couples
  • Empower couples to raise financially savvy children
  • Address special issues when clients divorce or one partner becomes ill

Written by a wealth psychology expert with more than 20 years of experience coaching women and couples, this practical book helps you understand how couples’ dynamics unfold in your office. Learn how the definition of couplehood is shifting and how you can be a more couple-friendly advisor, now and for years to come.

How to Give Financial Advice to Couples is the one-stop guide for successful advising and retaining high-net-worth couple clients.

Couples and Money Keynote Speeches

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C-Suite Book Club

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury’s book How to Give Financial Advice to Couples gives real, practical advice on how to interact with couples. The importance of engaging both relationships and helping them understand their individual and shared money dynamics allows advisors to truly provide comprehensive planning and advice. Not only does Kathleen teach the differences between what happens in each member of a couple’s brain, she provides advisors with action steps to take to ensure they are not part of the 70% who get fired when relationships end.

Kate Healy, Managing Director, Institutional Marketing, TD Ameritrade

Financial advisors may not be marriage therapists, but financial planning done poorly can drive clients to need one! In her book, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury provides guidance on the essential skills advisors need to develop to navigate this delicate balance, and in the process create deeper, stronger relationships with their client couples—relationships that can survive difficult family transitions as couples become widows and divorcees as well.

Michael E. Kitces, CFP, Partner, Pinnacle Advisory Group and Publisher of the Nerd’s Eye View blog

What a terrific book! Empowering women financially can only happen if you also empower the couple to work together as partners. How to Give Financial Advice to Couples is the perfect resource for financial advisors dedicated to better serving women and those they love.

Barbara Stanny, Author, Prince Charming Isn’t Coming, Overcoming Underearning, and Secrets of Six-Figure Women

This book is a strong reminder that clients need our respect and our listening skills as much as they need our financial expertise. It is a valuable resource for financial professionals, especially those wanting to offer client-focused financial planning.

Richard S. Kahler, MS, CFP, CCIM Kahler Financial Group, Author of Conscious Finance, and Coauthor of The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge

Working effectively with couples is one of the biggest challenges faced by financial planners. In How to Give Financial Advice to Couples, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury has created a desperately needed resource to equip financial planners with the theories and techniques they need to help couples navigate life’s biggest stressor—their relationship with money.

Brad Klontz, Psy.D., CFP(R), Financial Psychologist, Associate Professor in Personal Financial Planning, Kansas State University

Kathleen has done it again: written a must-read text for financial advisors to help them build and grow their practices.

Eleanor Blayney, CFP®, Consumer Advocate for CFP Board

The one place where these (money) conversations can, indeed MUST happen, is in your office. That's why you need to read this book ... insights into how you can help couples start talking about money!

Carl Richards, Author, The Behavior Gap

Providing financial advice to couples is a primary skill that has been overlooked in this profession for too long. Whether or not you hearken to Kathleen’s insight’s will have a profound impact on your business.

Mitch Anthony, Author, The New Retirementality

Modern Couples, Conflict, and You

Watch Kathleen in action at the Barrons’ Top 100 Women Advisor Summit in 2013. Using humor, popular culture, and statistics, she explains why modern couples need couple-friendly advisors more than ever before, how advisors can help partners talk more openly money, and how to protect yourself should the happy couple in front of you decide to divorce.

Wealth Connection Cards

There is a taboo in our society against openly talking about money. This money silence contributes to many couples’ inability to engage in productive financial conversations. The Wealth Connection Cards were designed as a tool for advisors to help partners discuss finances in a fun and non-threatening way. It makes a great client gift too!

Couple-Friendly Quotient Assessment

How couple-friendly is your current advising practice? Find out by completing this assessment. Simply download your Couple-Friendly Quotient, complete it, and discover how well your firm serves couples.

Overcoming Client Objections to Joint Meetings

Do you want to meet with both partners of a couple for advisory meetings, but find that one or both of them is resistant to do so?  Learn how to overcome these roadblocks by asking open-ended questions and educating the clients about the benefits of joint meetings.