Discover What Women Really Want

During the next several decades, women will inherit approximately $28.7 trillion in assets and will need good financial guidance to manage their increasing wealth. The issue for advisors is that many of these women don’t trust financial advisors. Even if you are the best at what you do, a female client will pass you over if you can’t effectively communicate and establish a trusting relationship with her.

How to Give Financial Advice to Women teaches you the psychology of women and wealth and the essential skills you need to attract and retain them.

Read this book and discover how to:

  • Refine your advising style to appeal to the female brain
  • Meet the unique needs of women in a variety of life transitions
  • Truly connect with her both as an individual and as part of a couple
  • Build trust, actively listen, and foster financial confidence
  • Help her prepare her children to receive wealth

Written by a wealth psychology expert with more than 20 years of experience coaching women, this practical book helps you understand the wants and needs of affluent female clients and shows you how to appeal to this group of loyal investors.

How to Give Financial Advice to Women tells you what every wealthy woman wants her financial advisor to know.

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C-Suite Book Club

How to Give Financial Advice to Women is full of specific and useful suggestions to help financial advisors serve female clients more effectively. A great addition to any financial planner's professional bookshelf.

Rick Kahler, CFP, Coauthor of Conscious Finance and The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge

I highly recommend this book to professionals who want to increase their knowledge and skills when advising women. Kathleen has done a stellar job providing an overview of the female perspective towards money. As importantly she presents excellent practical strategies for financial advisors to work more effectively with their female clients.

Denise P. Federer, PhD, Federer Performance Management Group, LLC

This is an excellent resource for all those who advise clients on financial and estate planning matters. Ms. Kingsbury has done a very thorough and insightful job. She hits hard and directly to the obstacles many advisors face and do not even know it. Her writing is clear, direct and useful. I highly recommend this book.

Patricia M. Annino, Author, Women and Money: The Practical Guide to Estate Planning

Kathleen's work continues to provide proof that there is such a need still for professional service providers to better understand this incredible market opportunity and to alter their game plan for better results. Good read with simple, practical take-aways.

Anthony J. Dileonardi, Author, Face to Face: Creating Lifelong & Multigenerational Clients

A great addition to any financial planner’s professional bookshelf.

Rick Kahler, CFP, Coauthor of Conscious Finance and The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge

We have had the pleasure of forming a wonderful partnership with Kathleen to develop our Women and Wealth curriculum at Pioneer Investments. Her vast knowledge and expertise on how to effectively communicate with female investors and couples has helped many of the financial advisors we work with to change their behavior to develop deeper and meaningful relationships with their clients around money.

Mary-Margaret Downing, Practice Management Consultant , Pioneer Investments

KBK on Advising Women

Watch as Kathleen Burns Kingsbury as she is interviewed by David Armstrong, Managing Editor of Learn how client communication and marketing strategies need to be adjusted when working with women clients, and why its important for advisors to be female friendly.

KBK on Writing

KBK on Writing How to Give Financial Advice to Women

Listen as Kathleen is interviewed by Chris Bilello about how she decided to write How to Give Financial Advice to Women, and how this book is really written for men. Discover the common mistakes advisors make when advising women and how to capitalize on this business opportunity to better serve female clients as they inherit and create more wealth.

Female-Friendly Quotient Assessment

How female-friendly is your advising practice? Find out by completing this assessment. Simply download your Female-Friendly Quotient, complete it, and discover how well your firm serves women clients.

How to Identify Your Ideal Female Client

Don’t make the mistake of marketing to all women. To be successful, you need to identify your ideal female client and then tailor your marketing and outreach efforts to attract this niche. Listen to this video to find out how to start this process and why it’s so important to your success.