Articles for Financial Services Professionals and Their Clients

Delivering bad news to your clients is not easy. It often stirs up uncomfortable emotions—for clients and for you. Learning how to deliver troubling news effectively in conversation and in writing newsletters sharing troublesome information is the key to maintaining good relationships with your clients in good times and bad.
Coaching clients about wealth and money is an emotional business. An effective advisor knows how to validate clients’ feelings while assisting them make sound financial decisions. This is not an easy task, however, and a simple technique called the Wise Mind can help.
Of the three main elements in wealth transfer—the trust creator (the settlor), the wealth, and the beneficiary—wealth transfer strategies are overwhelming targeted toward the first two. Minimal attention, if any, is given to properly preparing the recipient of the wealth—the beneficiary—for his or her role in the transfer. This article will help you involve and prepare the beneficiary to ensure a successful transfer.
Action is the best antidote for fear. Whether it is a bull or bear market, women need to muster up the courage to speak up and ask for money. Daunting at first, with a little training and support talking about money and negotiating fees is a skill that is easy to learn. This article offers a few ideas on how to get started.
Female-friendly marketing is not transactional, it is relational. It involves selling less and connecting more. It shows women you are competent, empathetic and warm, and interested in more than just their assets. Read this article and learn how to improve your marketing to your female clients.
The first step in implementing intergenerational wealth services into your practice is to become curious about your clients and their lives. Here is a list of ten questions to help you open up the dialogue and discover your clients concerns.
Many financial advisors feel some dissatisfaction in working with clients who have good intentions but fail to take consistent action toward meaningful change in their lives. Learn an easy method for helping clients make lasting financial behavioral change more rapidly.
There is so much talk in the financial industry about managing risk. Articles, books and assessments to determine a client’s risk tolerance abound. Tips, techniques and strategies for managing portfolio risk are plentiful. But what about managing client risk?
Identifying your prospect’s or client’s money mindset is vital in communicating your value to them and closing the sale. Here is a list of questions to help you explore money scripts.

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