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Kathleen Burns Kingsbury (KBK) is an expert in financial psychology who is passionate about training financial services professionals (including advisors, bankers, certified professional accountants, estate planning attorneys, insurance professionals, and wealth managers) on how to effectively communicate with women, couples, and families to increase client retention and profitability. Drawing on over two decades of experience in psychology and finance, Kathleen’s keynotes and workshops will inspire, educate, and entertain your audience, while offering practical tips and tools that work in the real world. Every talk is customized to meet your organization’s meeting goals and objectives, and is highly interactive to keep your audience engaged in the learning process. If you want a fun, engaging and thought-provoking speaker for your event, KBK is the right one for you.

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KBK’s most popular keynote presentations include:

Advising Women on Retirement

As women plan for retirement, they need advisors who understand their unique challenges and concerns. How do you do this when women represent half of the population and are diverse in so many ways? By adopting a nuanced, gender smart approach to working with women, and their partners.

Breaking the Money Silence™

The taboo against talking about money in our society has a crippling trickle-down effect. It places families in risk of losing their wealth and advisors in danger of developing financial plans that are unsuccessful. In this highly interactive and enlightening presentation, discover how to help clients identify their money mindsets, engage in wealth conversations, and raise financially savvy children.

Essential Skills for Advising Couples

Advising couples requires a delicate balancing act and an appreciation for the dynamics around couples and money. In this interactive and engaging presentation, learn how to avoid the common traps inherent in working with couples, tips for mediating financial differences, and strategies for more actively engaging female clients in the planning and investing process.

Modern Couples, Conflict, and You

Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, and conflict about money is often cited as the reason for the split. In this session, discover why modern couples need couple-friendly advisors more than ever and how you can set the stage early on in each couple-client relationship so if the couple divorces you can retain some or all of their assets on your book of business.

What Female Breadwinners Want From Their Advisors

Over 40% of women in the United States are the primary breadwinners for their families. These women tend to be highly educated, and share or take the lead in the financial decision-making in their households. Learn how to grow your business by better serving female breadwinners and their partners.

What Women Want from Advisors

Over the next forty years, women will inherit approximately $28.7 trillion in assets. These same women report being highly dissatisfied with the financial services industry and the advisors who currently serve them. In this keynote presentation, discover the secret to capturing and retaining the business of these economically powerful women. Learn how to avoid the common mistakes advisors make working with women, the importance of being gender savvy, and how being female-friendly has a big return on investment.

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