Women currently control $11.2 trillion dollars in investable assets, make up 44% of the primary breadwinners, and are 48% of the millionaires in the United States.

On average, women are concerned about living a secure and comfortable lifestyle in retirement, with 73.2% reporting they consider retirement income planning as the most important service financial professionals provide.

The challenge is female investors are tired of the traditional, transactional approach to planning and frustrated by the misconceptions about women and money perpetuated by the industry. To overcome these roadblocks, advisors must focus on more than just the technical aspects of planning and embrace the human side of finance. This means overtly acknowledging and exploring the emotional aspects of retirement. Advisors who can offer a gender-savvy, personalized approach are most likely to attract and retain these economically powerful consumers.

In this presentation, learn how to be more female-friendly in your approach to advising women on retirement by understanding their retirement reality and embracing the emotional aspect of planning.

Attend and discover:

  • The unique challenges women face as they plan for this next phase of life
  • How unexamined myths about gender and money can derail the retirement planning process
  • The top 3 concerns women have about aging and how to address them in your advisory meetings
  • Tips for identifying and discussing the emotional aspects of retirement
  • Strategies for mediating differences between partners as they plan together


Live:         60-minute Keynote Presentation or 90-minute Concurrent Workshop
Virtual:    60-minute Webinar

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